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Cosmetic Dentistry in Chicago, Illinois has been helping wonderful people regain their confidence and improve their imperfect smile for decades. Mamdouh Attalla, DDS in Chicago, IL offers cosmetic dentistry services such as bonding, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening and clear braces. Chicago residents can restore their smile through cosmetic dentistry and be themselves without feeling self-conscious about the way they look. We take pride in helping residents achieve natural looking, cosmetic dental restoration, and Mamdouh Attalla, DDS is dedicated to treating not only your smile, but the self-confidence that can shine through it. Some of the most popular cosmetic procedures we offer to Chicago area residents are:


Teeth Whitening

Without a doubt the most popular cosmetic treatment done in the U.S., it is also one of the simplest. Chicago, IL residence can rely on Mamdouh Attalla, DDS to address their concerns of tooth discoloration with whitening therapies that can noticeably increase the whiteness of your smile after just one visit. Coffee, tea, wine, and tobacco stains can be stripped away, leaving nothing behind but your bright smile.


Chicago, Illinois patients may be suited for veneers if they have tooth discoloration or poorly shaped teeth and would best benefit from a very minimally invasive procedure. Worn, chipped, or gapped teeth may be corrected with veneers, which lay over and are bonded directly to the tooth itself. This is also a good option for some cases where chemical methods of whitening may not be preferable or effective in achieving a whiter smile.

Dental Implants

As is often with teeth, cosmetic and functional issues tend to be directly related to one another, as in the case of missing, broken, or badly damaged teeth. Missing teeth are unsightly, but also present a host of problems to a patient. Chicago residents have a cutting edge tool to aid in their tooth replacement therapies with dental implants. The titanium alloy rod acts much the same way a tooth root does, and can support a crown that blends seamlessly with the rest of your natural teeth. It can also aid in the replacement of a set of teeth by anchoring bridges and dentures for added stability.

Chicago, IL area residents in search of an easier, more confident, healthier looking smile need look no further than Mamdouh Attalla, DDS. Our full service cosmetic procedures will help you become the best you that you have to offer.

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