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What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants in Chicago, Illinois are biocompatible, artificial tooth “roots” that set into your mouth much like your natural teeth do. They’re made from materials that stimulate bone growth and development (a process we call “osseointegration”) until the implant is fused permanently into the jaw.

It’s no surprise that implants are stronger and more durable than even the healthiest of teeth! Implant dentistry in Chicago, IL has changed the way our patients experience tooth replacement and full mouth rehabilitation.

Benefits of Choosing Implants in Southside Chicago

Compared to other conventional types of treatment, implants:

  • Prevent invasive treatment on adjacent teeth
  • Preserve natural tooth spacing
  • Limit bone loss and changes in your facial profile
  • Last longer, providing the best return on investment
  • Are easier to care for; just brush and floss them like real teeth

An implant’s minimalist design sets it apart from any other treatment, offering you the most natural looking results possible.

Implants Can Last a Lifetime

Because dental implants integrate with the body, they become a permanent part of it. With good care over time, most patients find that their implants last for decades or even for the rest of their life.

Types of Implant Options

One of the great things about implants is that you can use them to replace as few or many teeth as necessary. With comprehensive implant dentistry in Chicago, IL, you can consider restorations such as:

Single tooth dental implants — Traditional implant treatment involves replacing single teeth, with an individual porcelain crown anchored over an implant.

Multi-tooth implant supported bridges — Instead of wearing a partial denture, you can select a multi-tooth bridge that’s supported by just two implants.

Implant stabilized dentures — Implants are capable of supporting a full arch denture, whether permanently affixed or removable. As few as 2-4 implants may be necessary!

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