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Mini Implant Dentistry Southside Chicago, Illinois

Mini dental implants are an innovative new treatment available to dental patients in Chicago, IL who are looking to achieve a healthy, long-lasting smile. The field of dental science has advanced so dramatically in recent years that patients in Chicago are now able to undergo safe and effective restoration treatments that utilize the latest in dental technology. Mini dental implants at Mamdouh Attalla, DDS in Chicago, Illinois are just one procedure that offers patients an alternative to more traditional tooth restoration options.

Traditional Implants Vs. Minis

Patients in Chicago, IL may be aware that there are safe and effective dental implant treatments currently available for restoring one’s smile. However, technological advancements have brought about new and improved implant treatments such as mini dental implants. Depending on individual factors, these more advanced implant treatments may work better for some patients when compared to their more traditional counterparts. Knowing the differences between traditional and mini dental implants will help patients to determine which is better for restoring their smile.

Mini dental implants are quickly gaining popularity in Chicago and across the country because they provide immense patient advantages—both during and after implantation. The mini dental implant procedure is quick and virtually painless, and for some, can even be completed in a single dental visit. Traditional implants, while offering the same stable, long-lasting results as mini dental implants, require a lengthy treatment process that can be painful and often requires downtime, as well as more dental visits.

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